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About Mystic Infusion

Tarot and Angel Card Reading

The mystical and mysterious world of tarot encourages you to delicately delve into the deep parts of your subconscious and lets you see what has been stopping you onto the road of celebration and success.

Come embark on this journey with me, Tanya Sinha, certified angel card reader from Dorreen Virtue.

tarot cards reading

As I take you by the hand and we open up and unravel.

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The psychological pits of fears held by your mind and discover the glittering pieces of diamonds honoring you along the way.


Without any rude or painful jabs, working in the spheres of positive psychology, chakras and meditation.

angel cards

The soothing angelic guidance is there to usher you onto a new path of enlightments as we do angelic card reading.

Taniya Sinha has trained and attained a diploma in life coaching under the world renowned bestselling author, healer and coach Caroline Shola, London.

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