Will we be good partners to each other?

prediction in future

Will we be good partners to each other?

Hello ​James​,
The tarot turned out to be quite positive.
I got the chariot card which means yes ​you​ will move full speed ahead
in prosperity and success.
People will admire and congratulate you on your fame and name.
It also says that you are quite traditional and old fashioned in your approach. You want to keep your parents wishes as top priority and pleasing them is most important to you.be good partnersYou follow rituals and custom instead of random modern trends. Prosperity and abundance rain down on you.
Also you have a slightly childish controversial side to u and are not afraid to get into arguments to prove your point.
This could be your inner child.
Sharp witted, impulsive, slightly aggresive and intimidating. You don’t let emotions come in the way of making decisions. You have a strong intellectual side.
The last card that I got for ​you​ is the lovers card which could be a strong indicator of ​your​ relationship. You are able to balance the masculine and feminine side of yourselves harmoniously.be good partners
​You​ will understand each other intuitively. ​You​ will make ​your​ positive qualities emerge and consequently build a strong partnership.

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