Clash of Perspectives

clash of perspectives in tarot

Clash of Perspectives

You are more masculine in your attitude towards life than your boyfriend. You are about speed and results, sometimes even stepping on on others toes without realising.clash of perspectives
You might be accused of too much gossiping and inviting trouble. Sometimes not able to or want to see the other person’s point of view.
Lewis on the other hand. He is more gentle deliberate and feminine.
He waits for results to show instead of hurrying or rushing. He could be clairvoyant and has strong intuitive sense.clash of perspectives
Respect in society.


You on the other hand couldn’t care less about what society thinks of you.

These 2 opposites of knight and priestess shows there’s a lot of attraction and magnetism between the two of you.

You both are curious about each other. And are impressed too.

You both are leaders in whatever you choose to do. Both of u are spiritual artistic and intuitive.
This card is also about emotions and fertility.

A lot of artistic people suffer from depression. That depression can make u strong self sufficient and even more artistic and imaginative than before.clash of perspectives
Also you both can see when the other one is low sad and blue.
This is what brings u together and unites the relationship.

You need to learn to see the glass as half full instead of half empty.
Count your blessings and be grateful for finding each other.

The 2nd last card could be hidden emotions and anger that could break the relationship and make him dislike you.
It shows a woman who is arrogant and egoistic. Privileged and intellectual.Likes to be alone and has few friends as they find it difficult to keep up with her achievements. This card is for both of you.

The last card shows some body very feminine and sacrificing.This card speaks to the both of u.clash of perspectives
You both have desire to nurture protect and provide for your family.
You also enjoy earthy activities like cooking gardening farming etc.

You both have a strong connection with each other. You need a bit of faith and trust that your relationship is strong and pure.


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