What is the future of my job?

future job in tarot

What is the future of my job?

What is the future of my job?

 You will get a good job.Your job prospects are very great. You are at a crossroads or a folk in the road and not sure should you go left or right. Even though you are a bright student you lack confidence and have doubts about your future. You need to consider seriously what is it that u want.If unclear the wrong decisions and results could be disastrous.

You have clarity and clear targets. The road you select should not lead to losing faith in oneself or hurting your self and others.Wisdom and prudence and right thing at the right time is needed.

You have a beautiful spirit, heavenly, innocent and childlike perspective on things. You are not afraid of anything and are positive and fun beyond belief. With your sharpness you can achieve almost anything.future of jobs

You love to try new things make new freinds and  do introspection.

I see u as a hanged man. Somebody too deeply entangled with the world, studies, friends etc but it’s satisfaction and peace inside that you want.

You need a more distant perspective and be more of an observer and philosopher than getting lost in the thick of tiny mundane things. Learn to not take things too seriously.

Let go all your worries don’t worry about standing out too much and being heard. Your voice is unique and is needed. Sometimes the clearest and most accurate vision is seen upside down. Be fearless and fun.

future of jobs

Your Boyfriend Raj is your Emperor. He supports you practically. He is organised, rational, logical, systematic and disciplined. These qualities help you in a big way.

We need to be flexible in our approach and attitude. There need to be a balance between feminine and masculine. There needs to be an angelic harmony.

Angelic blessings and dealings help you clean your self and move ahead in your life in synchronicity.

The last card shows again overburdened overworked Mary. You are missing the bigger picture because you are stuck with the smallest things. Missing the woods for the trees.

Don’t  try to please others too much and miss the opportunities right infront of your eyes. Life is good. Rest and relax.future of jobs

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