Is present career path truly desired?

career prediction with tarot

Is present career path truly desired?

The first card is- in the present career path truly desired? The answer to your future prediction is you put your all in your work, dedicated, concerted efforts. Committed and focus.

Yes, u do desire this job.
The 2nd card is- Actions to advance a career. You need to bring some passion, enthusiasm, and excitement to your work. You are original, innovative, and optimistic so put those characteristics in your work.
The 3rd card tells you about aspects of your work that can’t be changed. Maybe its troublesome colleagues or boss. Or too much workload but you sometimes somehow start to feel really helpless and hopeless.
There is a way out, a door to get out of the prison but because of your pessimistic fatalistic attitude you can’t see it yet and get out. Remember to be positive.future prediction
4th card -Present view of career.
You are multitasking too many activities and getting lost and confused with the frenetic activity.
You need to stop trying so much.
Because of this, there are money constraints. You don’t have enough money and that gives you stress and hardship.
future prediction
5th card is -Personal changes to boost career -The moon. It represents subconscious fears secrets, pain, and deep feelings. Your shadow self.
Express yourself creatively. Don’t be ashamed of your feelings.
Shed some light on the skeletons inside your cupboard. Free your emotions and clean up the carpet under which u swept your fears and issues. Have faith courage and compassion.
future prediction
6th card -Past issues that affect current performance.
Sleeping problems, depression, and nightmares are past problems still affecting you in some way.
You feel unsafe and insecure when going to sleep and your complexes and avoidance hound you.
future prediction
7th card-Anticipated results if guidance is followed.
A rich accomplished person who has achieved success through hard work, dedication determination, and focus.
Slightly alone and individual in his approach. He is admired and has position and authority in his society and can have a better future prediction about his career.
Intellectual, high taste and is proud of his material possessions.
Prosperity, fame, and abundance are his.

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