Will Gautam and Sabrina be able to start afresh in their relationship?

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Will Gautam and Sabrina be able to start afresh in their relationship?

The answer is yes but there will be spiritual lessons and challenges..It’s a karmic residue. Your relationship can be traced back to some past lives.It brings good luck and fortune.

The next card is the death card which means either of you will need to start again from scratch as one phase of your life ends and another starts. It’s a card of permanant personal transformation, a metamorphosis of sorts in which you shed your old skin completely and a clean slate emerges. This is your second chance at something, maybe love. New beginnings are in store.the death

The 3rd card shows arguments, tension and fights with each other and their own selves.Inability to see the other’s point of view. Ego in conflict both inside and out.Doubt and suspicion reign.

The 4th card shows u are in a sensitive position. Neglect and shunning makes you feel like u have been thrown out in the cold as an out cast. No help or mercy from anyone in society.Time of emotional heartache, financial hardship and feeling forgotten and alone. Should strengthen your spiritual side.five of pentacles

For this card to not become your reality you need to trust and have faith and understanding with each other. Don’t let things deteriorate with the 3rd card so much that your situation gets out of control and hopeless as the 4th card predicts. Keep yourself surrounded with friends and positive energy. Stay in a harmonious space. Meditate and talk to a counsellor etc.


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