How can Mary invite more love patience and forgiveness in her life?

tarot consultation about forgiveness

How can Mary invite more love patience and forgiveness in her life?

 About her boyfreind—-

How can he be engaged with some work so that he starts to get busy and gets his mind off his problems?

He has a tendency to doubt himself. He should encourage his inner child to be let out and express himself. You got the fool card upside down which means courage, ability to stand out, having fun, taking chances, ready for adventure and  honouring decisions. All taking a back seat and need to be brought forward with confidence.invite more love patience and forgiveness

Next card shows contentment, fun and prosperity.

If you follow the word of guidance and advice in the reading of the last card, you will be proud of your achievements and enthusiastically share them with whoever would see or listen.

You both have a strong connection to water. The next cards shows a young boy or a girl who has brought a good message. This could be your inner child also. Full of joy, fun, creativity, make believe and solving puzzles.invite more love patience and forgivenessLoves to stay in her own world of fantasy and fairies. Has a great sense of humour and strong intuition. This could definitely be you or a younger part of you which you should bring out more often as your husband definitely loves that side of you.

The last card shows you have a victory card but it’s up side down. Meaning your time of fame, achievement, glory, celebration will be shadowed or darkened by your inability to see the big picture, narrow mindedness and lack of faith in one self.

When will he start taking interest in home affairs?

He has a need to keep his finances and every thing else in order. He is very rigid, emotionally unexpressive and calculating. He likes to be in nature and admire all his possessions. Could be a young man or a younger version of your partner.invite more love patience and forgiveness

2 of cups (next card) says your partnership is strong and you are very close and intimate with each other. You have faith confidence and trust in each other and if all the  good advice is taken you will last long as a couple.invite more love patience and forgiveness

The last card says u are much too interested in other people’s opinions and in pleasing them.

When will my husband start improving and what can we do to make him improve?

His card that comes out is the card of addiction, temptations and distractions. Too many options and choices are floating all around him and he feels delusional in trying to make a decision with them. He is juggling a lot of balls in the air and hopes to succed totally. He is fooling himself and could be a jack of all trades but master of none.invite more love patience and forgiveness

Discipline, routine and structure with yoga and meditation is needed.

The next card shows he is suffering from major depression.

He has a tendency to see the glass as half empty instead of half full. Pessimistic negative tendencies stop him from noticing all his achievements and accomplishments from the past and only focus on what he has lost in the present. Could need psycho therapy as there’s theres a lot  that needs to be heard and said.

invite more love patience and forgiveness

The last card is the card of the bully and fights. Its an unpleasant state of mind. A couple of people getting together to spew venom. A winner who beats up the losers and is very pleased with himself and the result. The losers full of regret, pain and agony.

invite more love patience and forgiveness

Its more of a truce or stale mate where no one is sure who is a winner and  who is a loser. Lesson here is to not get entangled with anyone’s emotions and egoistic arguments and pay heed to your soul’s calling.. If u don’t do so much your husband can start with the small bits and proceed from there.

Avoid feelings of self sacrifice, victim hood and pessimism.

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