Job in 2020 ?

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Job in 2020 ?

So you asked if you will get a job in 2020. The answer is no.
There’s a lot of struggle, strife and disagreements as of now. The small chance of getting job is also because of the corona virus.

You are dedicated, focussed, hard working and humble.People will appreciate your efforts and genuine, authentic and creative nature.Inspite of all the recognition and appreciation you don’t see your self as a success.

Working and studying too hard you are unable to see your special talents and abilities. In some ways you are the ideal student.

job prediction

The last card is the victory card. Again the time from 6 months to 1 year will be a celebration for you. Everything will fall into place and the results will be astounding.
You will be treated as a champion and people will know your name. You will be famous.

There will be a lot of success coming your way 6 months to 1 year from now. It will be a windfall of prosperity abundance and money. Auspicious times and blessings.
Stay positive and optimistic. See the glass as half full instead of half empty.

Stay on track and focussed. You will get a lot of whatever u dreamt of.


More blessings and abundance. Some body very strong and humble minded.



Curious about her own nature and future

job predictionYou have received the Empress card so in a maternal sort of way in a nourishing way she will provide forgiveness trust and patience in all trying times of your life.

After that is the strength card it means strength not just someone physically brutish but someone having the courage and confidence to follow ones hearts saying and desire.

The next card points out the need to meditate and stay with yourself in large chunks of your existence. Love and compassion will be cultivated.
You pick up a lot of junk energy having a fairy like sensitive fragile energy everywhere you go. Not able to handle it all you get depressed and confused. And the muck is not even yours emotionally mentally or physically.job prediction

The last card is a youthful girl ,very artistic, fiery, enthusiastic about life and her work. She gets distracted easily but wants to be seen as efficient and committed to her work.

Try something new and exciting. Go for a retreat or a movie. She is up for fun all the time.



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