Will John and I find a comfortable place with each other?

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Will John and I find a comfortable place with each other?

Will John and you find a comfortable place where you are not anxious about each other’s silence and information?

Well you will be better off not going too much in this direction. You see him as a knight in shining armour, someone to protect and serve you. A dream come true for a damsel in distress like you.

He has a lot of chivalrous moments to his credit but more than anything he is drifting in his own world so can’t keep promises and gets quite sensitive if you mind or remind him. He is peaceful, imaginative, romantic and intuitive.find a comfortable place with each other

You have been very pessimistic these last few months. It’s as if you are in a cage made of swords. Still there is an opening at the back which u can escape from but you don’t even see it so tightly the blindfold on your eyes is. John notices that too.

See the beauty all around you,the blessings you have been given. Have fun and be happy every day.

You need to meditate as well. Otherwise you get repetitive questions in your head over and over again.

This may drive him away as well. There is no better remedy than positivity and love.

He can be very cold and stern and disciplined. This can be your dad or sone other older father figure u admire a lot. You want to be like him.


I told u this before as well you need to take some time off and do some healing. Learn to self care, nurture your inner child.Holidays and retreats.find a comfortable place with each other

You’re trying too hard. Rest do yoga pranayama. Positive changes are coming.Good fortune.

Next card -A splendid future families coming together. Partnerships and marriages working out beautifully.

Abundance and prosperity abound.find a comfortable place with each other

A solid positive time.Friends and family come together.

A beginning of a new phase and ending of another. Please keep these positive things in mind as much as possible. You deserve to be happy.

Last card shows that somebody is feeling bullied or is bullying someone else. I said last time that your boyfriend gets overwhelmed with your excited nature and you on the other hand get hurt and withdrawn when John doesn’t give you the response you wanted.find a comfortable place with each other

If u force too hard John might feel bullied.So its push and pull.



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