Will ​Lucy’s​ time with family be healing?

tarot for healing

Will ​Lucy’s​ time with family be healing?

It says not really. There is a middle aged woman who is quite enthusiastic passionate and very generous in spirit. But as a mom or aunt she can make you feel a bit suffocated and overwhelmed.
Somebody who has joined a no of community organizations and NGOs.time with family be healing
Being a multitasker she can achieve a lot of things in style. Juggling multiple balls in the air
The next card is showing you as a great artistic show man.
You will be known for amazing artistic pieces and excellence.
You will be used to having your works of art in display. You give it your best shot, stay humble and keep going.time with family be healing
Ace of wands
Sign of fertility physical action bright spirits and victory.
It is there as an auspicious sign if you see it with regards to your career or family.
It’s a sign of passion and achievement. Theres s lot of fire sign in your readings. Maybe you u should bring in some water energy or cups.
Ace of summertime with family be healing
Creativity ,intuition ,artistic endeavours. Start of something beautiful and new. Like growing a plant, buying a flat and decorating it or starting a business.
Bringing something from your wild imagination into reality.Healing others with your spiritual energy. Meditation is important as well.

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