Marriage and a Beautiful Future.

tarot cards and marriage

Marriage and a Beautiful Future.

Hi Andrew,

You had asked when will you get married. I should have told you before that I can’t predict days or names.
What I can do is give you a clear idea as to the situations and personality traits you need to develop to bring about your dream marriage at the right decided time.

The 1st card says you admire somebody very spiritual and are quite intuitive and spiritual yourself.
You believe in alternative therapies as opposed to mainstream medicine.
That is why your mind and body are in great shape.

You need to carry on with your spiritual pursuits and have more confidence and faith in yourself.

predict your marriage


You have a tendency to make castles in the air. Along with being chivalrous yore also an imaginative day dreamer.predict your marriage
That can upset your partner who would be relying on your every word and would feel you are taking her for a ride.

You can break promises too and want your partner to reside in the romantic world of his. You are easy going, accommodating, very intuitive and emotional.

You sometimes get very defensive and fight for your corner. The thing is you might not get every thing you want your way and might get addicted to drama.predict your marriage
You should stand your ground and not exhaust yourself because of an egoistic attitude.
Take rest care for yourself and be optimistic.

The last card shows the strength card. It means you need courage and compassion to show your strength in your life.
Like a girl who risks her own life to take out the thorn from the lions paw.

You believe in fair treatment, loyalty, detachment, selflessness and fearlessness.predict your marriage
These kind of qualities are essential for a happy successful marriage.
So develop these characteristics as much as u can.


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