Am I over sharing information with my boyfriend?

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Am I over sharing information with my boyfriend?

Am I oversharing information with my boyfreind?

How do we resolve our communication situation?

Yes you are oversharing information. Your eagerness and enthusiasm takes him out of his comfort zone. You want everything to move quickly in a certain way but that’s not how relationships work.

You both are very traditional and followers of customs. Keep in mind your parents acceptance.

Next card Somebody who is a bit older than both of you. Admired and appreciated in society could be a professor or father figure. Organised, structured, wise and guarded. Maybe you see your boyfriend’s future as I over-sharing information with my boyfriend

Next card says you both are deeply attracted to each other. You share the same ideals and values for the future and are not afraid of showing it to the world even when you are very interested in keeping your parents and extended family happy. You will get a lot of financial support from them and you see a definite future together with blessings of I over-sharing information with my boyfriend


Last card —You are positive and childlike in your approach. You believe in judgement day—- the time when everybody’s karma is counted and conclusions handed out.

am I over-sharing information with my boyfriendIt is mostly positive in nature and reminds you to not judge yourself your relationship or others too much. Prejudice and condemnation will not serve us right.

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