Is ​Peter​ avoiding Angela on purpose?

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Is ​Peter​ avoiding Angela on purpose?

The answer unfortunately is YES. You could have got the world with this guy but the reality is there’s not a lot of positivity left here.Less energy and your relationship is worn out.

You need to heal as I told u before ​you​ are exhausted, weak and afraid. You need to find a place like a retreat or meditation place. To lay off all the negative energy  you have accumulated.avoiding on purpose

Rest, rejuvenate, recuperate. He can sense your desperation in some ways. Never show yourself as too needy to another person. It can drive them away.

There are fights going between you two on at the subconscious level underneath your facade.

You are tired and angry but are refusing to give up and take rest and start again. Dont overdo it.avoiding on purpose

It could also be that you should take your fights and arguments more seriously and give it your best shot.

The last card is the world card

avoiding on purposeThis is a brilliant card for anyone even if the previous cards are not so positive.

Wheather your boyfriend is around or not you will be a winner and the world will be at your feet.

There will be synchronicity of events and things will automatically fall in line. Past troubles will feel like a dream that had no place in reality and  you will thank God for all that u have been given. A successful completion of an important task.

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