Relationships and a Healthy Attitude

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Relationships and a Healthy Attitude


I see you will do well with each other. One or both of u have a very hard working approach to life. U might be a student formally or informally but you love to do research on things. You are very serious with your career and give it your best. And other people notice how you keep working on task after task without lifting your head.

have relationships and a healthy attitude

Your achievements are admired and appreciated.

The next card shows that one of you probably the girl is very disinterested and indifferent with things around her right now.

She might not respond in the nicest way when you talk romantically or sweetly or be able to understand u. She likes to be left alone and for the time being keep her thoughts to herself. Involved with introspection and meditation.have relationships and a healthy attitude



The next card shows some more disinterest which is the hanged man. It shows somebody who needs to take it easy and not get so involved and entangled with what is happening around them. This could show a person who is already like this like your girlfriend.

Or it’s a direct message to you to to witness and observe activities more before getting too involved. And form a protective shell around them.

Last card someone who is young or immature at heart.Very controversial. Prone to arguments and fights when she usually wins.It could be your girlfreind or your female side. Intellectual,very interested in philosophy studies and high thinking. But also prone to gossiping, bad temper provoking someone just for fun. Looking for a fight.have relationships and a healthy attitude


As you can see there are various ways insecurity and lack of confidence can creep up in peoples lives especially those who really do not want to associate with the facts of life and truths. Unpleasent surprises can be the 2nd name for tarots and their  accurate power in nature.  



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