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10 minute tarot card reading (on skype phone or face to face) about love, career, health and or general circumstances-200 rupees-1 paragraph

A simple tarot reading about general circumstances, life purpose, relationships, soul mates or past life, divorce, promotion, etc, will cost u 350 rupees. Its 4 cards and will be half an a4 page

Double of that will be a complete a4 page and 700 rupees.

If you take 5 simple readings in 1 slot from me then you recieve the ebook “Accurate and In depth angel and tarot card readings” for FREE.!!”

There are various angles through which a person or situation can be reviewed

The Subtle, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

People  who usualy come to me want to know about their relationships and work or professional life.

We look to and blame others for our anxiety and healing.

We are caught up into the nitty grittys of our day to day existence but our enegies are stale and entangled with each other weather it is a a sucess celebration or some bully opportunist during a bad time. Both are to be blamed.


Trusting Angels and God —-

We are reaching the time of the golden age where the Aquarius age is reaching it’s peak.

Time of belief in unicorns, rainbows, crystal and indigo children, mermaids and fairies. How to strengthen our faith and connection with them?

Time to summon the angels, expand your horizons check our belief systems and throw out whatever is not needed (the junk in our lives). Invite in the new, prosperous, abundant and holy.

Meditation and introspection are the prime tools suggested by me to my clients to overcome crisis and catastrophe in their lives. To bounce back and land on our feet from turbulent and trying times. All you need is someone to talk to about what really matters. Your fears and phobias.

Why suffer from self doubt and procrastination? Regrets from the past and fears about the future. An inabilty to relase the stress and tension.

Feeling imprisoned by lifes situations even when there is a way out. Inability to make sound decisions. Refusing to see the glass as half full instead of half empty

Why was I not selected for promotion?, Why does my boss dislike me

When will i get married or get a better job?

I am amazed by how many diffrent answers from different angles can come about for the same 1 question. Simply dependng on the uniqueness of every person and one of a kind scenario.

Usually its the trouble areas and painful truths that i delve into. Softly and tactfully we find out who is crossing his /her boundaries with you or any boundaries that you are crossing. Where we are becoming too dependent on someone or too independent taking in too much of the burden to please other people and missing the bigger picture.

Then you become a victim with diseases like depression sprouting in your brain

They say they sometimes feel as helpless as kids going through life everything is so complicated, unpredictable and unfamiliar.

Going through a session with me  is like massaging your psyche– your mental emotional and spiritual body. I can’t give names and dates of your future son or marriage. But we can create circumstances that are fully conducive to a dream marriage, finding your soulmate and having a son.

In a relationship there is always someone who inspite of everything takes the upper hand

But how much and to what extent?

It should always be 50—50.

What kind of energy vibes is your boss getting from you? Underconfident and suspicious or cheerful, positive and grateful?

What kind of energy vibes does your girl freind/wife getting from u..?

Demanding and complaining or considerate faithful and loving?

The angels say (I read angel cards as well) ask for help with anything and they will endeavour to see it as a success.They give you free will so u have to ask them first.

Personal development, positivity, optimism, gratitude are all qualities that need to be developed in any relationshhip and one with your own self as well.

Why are we wary of meditation? What are we afraid will spill out?

Are we sweeping all our issues under the carpet? What is the elephant in the room?



Is it healthy to have so many skeletons in the cupboard?

Insomnia, panic attacks nightmares, paranoia and quarrels with others

Co dependent relationships are most reported problems by my clients.

All of my clients have a somewhat hazy interest in the tarot. Reading this book and my blog will give u very clear insight on how to read tarot cards for yourself and one day with the right guidance and research become a professional tarot reader.

What does it first take to become a good tarot for yourself before u become 1 for others? Before developing  compassion, objectivity and focus on others how do we learn to apply them to ourselves?

We have to develop a certain depth and nuance to our reading. A certain individuality and uniqueness.

The information given in this book (along with the illustration) is worth more than a 1000 rupees. But if you are somebody who is just starting out in this field or is not very familiar with my style of writing this is a good way to thoroughly understand and make others understand the rules and knowledge of the tarot.

So I am giving this book for 800 rupees flat.

Pay via Paytm  -7819947503, Google pay or online bank transfer.

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Tanya Sinha

Once I receive the notification I will send u the link to my ebook!!

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