Will my job in Bangalore work out?

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Will my job in Bangalore work out?

Will my job in Bangalore work out?

Right off I get the 5 of wands saying there’s going to be tons of disagreements fights and arguments between everyone involved. Negative and trying atmosphere. You will find it suffocating there.
Maybe there’s a charming, positive, driven ,fiery, humourous man who might tempt u to stay. He will try to help u and you’ll be amazed at his efficiency and popularity. But overall the picture shows otherwise. A negative atmosphere.will my job in Bangalore work out
The next card says you could be a success at a small scale business. People are impressed by your efforts and you can get money for it. There will be overseas travelling. Even if you are not interested in self employment peope will be glad to invest in you seeing your dedication, hard work, and focus.will my job in Bangalore work outYou will be encouraged to move ahead.
The last card shows nightmares fears and some kind of threat or terror. Because of this job you will lose sleep and become very pessimistic, neurotic and paranoid. It would be good to not move in this direction overall. The picture is quite dismal.will my job in Bangalore work out

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