Will your post doctoral Research in the UK or USA work out?

Will your post doctoral Research in the UK or USA work out?

Yes it will.The empress card shows somebody or sometime of great abundance love, nurturing and prosperity.

Things will go smoothly and you will be full of optimism.

The next card shows a young girl (could be you) who is full of beans large hearted, excitable and enthusiastic and drives everyone in with her warm  personality.

She is positive, fearless and loves anything creative, artistic and physical.

Next card There is a middle aged woman could be a teacher, mom or an aunt.Somebody who is very psychic and intuitive.Reflects accurately whatever is happening around her.Loves to take care of others and makes sure they are comfortable.

She is artistic and could be very supportive of you .

She has a mysterious way about her.She can read your mind like an x-ray machine.Sometimes she feels bad that others dont look after her the way she looks after them.

Last card-Conquests, victory in various challenges.Winning is guaranteed with this card.An impression of no nonsense unemotional person.

Gets things her/him way.It’s a divine symbol of starting something auspicious.

Something fertile like high ideals and big imagination.Starting something brand new with accuracy and integrity.Somebody admired and looked up to every where.



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